Physical Education (PE) is an inclusive part of the curriculum at Fr. Agnel School and aims to in still the love for kinesthetic. The school has well-developed fields for outdoor sports namely Football, Skating, Table Tennis, Karate, Aerobics and Basketball. In addition to this the indoor sports include chess, carom and Table Tennis. Coaches with specialization in each of these disciplines are responsible for teaching, training and mentoring the students in the sports arena through classes in the timetable.

Age appropriate games and techniques are introduced to students beginning from the pre-primary school. Every year students participate in different activities organized by CBSE.

To develop confidence and overcome fear, the school organizes ‘Adventure Camp’ with several activities like Zorbing, Commando Bridge, Hamster Wheel, Rock Wall Climbing and Zip Lining.

Inter house championships help to generate camaraderie between students, a sense of competitiveness, brotherhood, discipline, positive attitude and very importantly, the fact that losing is as significant as winning. Teams for the inter house matches are formed based on careful and systematic selection process. Students are encouraged to take part in State, National and Open Tournaments.

Yoga, short excursions, community service and other outdoor engagements involving mass participation are compulsory for students. Regular PT is held every morning after the school assembly. PT and Games are compulsory for all students.



Basket Ball



Table Tennis



Adventure Camp