What We Want to do

The clarity of our vision demands that education in our School is holistic, such that caters to the whole human person, and urges every stake holder, man, woman or child, parent, educator, student or admin staff to look beyond the immediate, for what is more lasting and noble, in other words, to rise above the ordinary and make a difference to the world.

The School makes every effort to ensure that every stake holder shares this objective , as our common goal so that every student here feels respected and loved, and provides each student the opportunity to grow and blossom. Therefore:

1. Fr. Agnel School perceives all students, as free men and women of our pluralistic society, who through their thought processes and human engagement contribute towards a more integrated, rational, egalitarian and caring society.

2. Fr. Agnel School students will grow up to be confident and life-long learners, responsible for their learning, risk-takers and through their positive efforts contribute towards the growth of the community they belong to.

3. They will acquire the ability to do complex thinking and problem solving, and thus qualitatively improve products and processes that affect them and their community.

4. Fr. Agnel School’s entire educational enterprise will be focused on:

Content – what they learn,

Performance – what they are able to do,

Performance – how they practice what they learn and influence positively the communities they belong to.

5. In order to achieve this goal every member of the faculty and the administrative staff shall strive to be a critical thinker, use the technology available and optimize the same for pursuing the above goals.