Information Technology

Fr. Agnel conforms to techno-savvy learning. Keeping pace with the changing times, IT education is given a priority and both teachers and students get exposure to computer education. In order to ensure that the computer education is effectively disseminated to all the students , the schools has set up three well-equipped computer laboratories.

The Computer labs, both in the Junior and Senior wings are well equipped with the latest systems and multimedia technology in order to cater to the needs of primary, secondary and senior secondary levels. These labs have more than 100 computers which are connected to a LAN. The school provides the facility of individual access of the computer to every student. It also has audio-visual facilities for smart learning.

Computer Lab for Primary Wing

Fr. Agnel School, Vaishali has been a pioneer in introducing computer education right from early stage i.e. class I.

The school has a separate computer lab for junior class students which is not only used as a stepping-stone by the young ones to face the high-tech world of tomorrow but also stimulates the intellectual level of children as it provides a platform for educational games.

Computer Labs for Middle and Senior Wing

The two Computer labs meant for middle as well as high school students are well developed and in-sync with the everyday changing and modernizing technology. The senior secondary school students use them for Programming, Multimedia and Web Technology whereas basics of computer science and languages are taught to the students of middle school under the expert guidance of our teachers and much experienced lab assistant. Each lab is equipped with latest All-In-One Desktop and LCD projector set-up for teaching and other presentation purposes.

Smart Classrooms

The school provides interactive and fun based mode of learning through 'Extra marks’ a learning app which has animated lessons to make learning more exciting and engaging. Along with this, the school focuses on delivering complete concept clarity through visual learning module on smart boards. Each classroom is equipped with technology that replaces the black board with a projector, laptop and a display screen of the size of the black board with access to the world wide web.

MS Teams

Our school has been effectively using the Microsoft Teams platforms to impart continued education to its students through the virtual mode. Students are invited to join the virtual class room, where they connect, learn, and submit work using ‘OneNote’ Class note book. The platform also provides end-to-end assignment management which allows teachers to organize interactive lessons and provide effective and timely feedback. Plus Office 365 support for students and teachers.

FASV on Cloud

The school uses the Cloud technology to integrate data pertaining to all the departments, processes and functions. A cloud based central dashboard is provided to all the stakeholders- principal, parents and teachers-where all the relevant information right from students attendance, homework, assignments, announcements, events, academic data etc. is stored and can be used by the school to take prompt decisions.


Being in a technology driven world, it becomes imperative to prepare our students for the future. The school has set up a Robotics Lab where the students get exposure to different methods of learning Robotics like creation, design and assembly so as to enhance their ability to be creative and innovative thinkers.