Our Logo

Our School Logo depicts our Mascot ‘Thalasseus Bengalensis, a.k.a. Sterna Bengalensis’ ( Lesser Crested Tern), in flight, urging us to strive to reach to the frontiers of our imagination and human possiblities in a daring sprit “Brave Minds” and in concern with others “Big Hearts”, in an embrace of human solidarity and brotherhood.

Each Agnelite is constantly reminded of his or her calling to rise above the ordinary and make a difference to oneself and to those he or she is engaged with, by being a critical thinker and an innovator in everything one does.

This calls to challenge our physical, emotional and cognitive limitations to dare imagine and perceive higher, and dare to go only where only the brave dare, as a Brave Mind and have the heart to take others with him or her in an embrace of solidarity and concern, with a Big Heart.