Performing Arts

TWe are committed to providing an environment which goes beyond academic excellence in which our students can learn, thrive and grow up to become critical thinkers and leaders. Therefore, our school offers enriching experiences and extra-curricular activities, helping us to bring the best in our students and equip them with social, interactive and contemporary skills, while having fun.


Our school auditorium the “CUBE” is a state of the art facility that displays an ingenious design and signifies an elegance which is par excellence. It has a fully air conditioned theatre with a seating capacity of 500 seats and its splendid geometrical design and a colorful yet vibrant environment ensures utmost comfort and an enriching experience. The “CUBE” provides a great platform to our students to perform musical plays, choir and other events supported by a multi dimensional sound system and other facilities.

Indian Dance

Our qualified classical dance teacher ensures that the students learn versatile dance forms such as classical and semi classical dances like Bharatnatyam and Kathak, folk dance and creative compositions.

Western Dance

Modern dance forms are given equal emphasis and our students are taught different western dance styles such as Jazz, ballet, contemporary, free style, M J style etc…

Indian Vocal Music

Our students also get a flavor of Hindustani classical ragas (alankar, sargam geet, raag based composition) along with rhythmic techniques of music such as semi classical and folk music, patriotic and devotional songs (sufi, hymns).

Western Music

Students get to learn a variety of songs in the western style belonging to Rock, Pop, semi classical and other genres with equal emphasis on teaching basic music theory and instrumental music like drums and guitar.

Our choir students also learn vocal techniques and get an opportunity to perform on the broad way musicals like beauty and the beast, peace child, the bee musical.