Career Counselling

Children, as they grow, deal with their own stresses, pressures and anxieties-some real, some imaginary, some temporary and some more permanent.

The Counselling Services at Niscort Fr Agnel School aims to reach out to children with emotional, behavioural, social and academic issues and provide them necessary support to deal with those challenges, and empower them to become independent and capable of making informed choices as they grow up.

The counselling department caters to various needs of students through Individual or Group counselling session, life skills activities, referring students for assessments, partnering with parents for the holistic development, organizing awareness programmes for students, parents and staff.

The counsellor helps the student in their day to day concerns and also enhances their overall functioning

The work of the counselling department is an essential component of the student’s learning. Apart from handling emotional issues that may stem from the school, home or peer group, we also help the students to make career choices.

The school has tied up with Admizzionz Campuz®, a leading provider of career guidance and college admission assistance for students of classes X, XI & XII with an aim to help students in gaining knowledge about the current educational opportunities.

They undertake the following activities:

• Administering the online interest profiling test to identify career options.

• Capturing past and projected academic performance and extracurricular interests.

• Conducting individual session with the student and parents/guardians to :

  • Analyses strengths and weaknesses of the student.
  • Detail out career options
  • Provide career directions
  • Work out the subject streams and combinations (School policy on subject allotment is also factored)
  • Recommend future course of action