Patron’s Day

Patron’s day was feted on November 19, 2018 with the celebration of mass, which is also called
the Eucharist or the Lord’s Supper. The mass belongs to the center stage of Christian worship,
and it is for a Christian a celebration in faith of his belief, that God sent His Son Jesus as our
savior who through his life, willing suffering, death and resurrection, saved us. Throughout the
world, from the rising of the sun to its setting, as the time changes from hour to hour, somewhere
mass is celebrated in fulfillment of the command of Jesus.
The mass is also a constant reminder for every Christian that the core and summary of the
teaching of Jesus is Love, God’s love to man, and the need of man to love, so that he or she
becomes a true child of God. That in a way explains why Christians are engaged throughout the
world, in works of charity, like running hospitals, working among the poor, lepers, like Mother
Theresa’s congregation, teaching not only in cities but in the poorest places, because that is
central to Christian faith. That is why our motto “love your neighbour as yourself” is so
important to us, in this school.
Rev. Father Carvalho celebrated the mass with the students and teachers of Fr. Agnel Vaishali.
Everyone prayed for the wellbeing and upliftment of humanity. Readings were delivered from
the important scriptures around the world. . Fr. Carvalho read from the Holy Gospel. Different
offerings were made and everyone dispersed carrying the peace and joy of the Lord.

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