“My Animal World!”

Story telling teaches children about the world, provides social interaction and
develops both knowledge and love for story. Through stories they learn about
characters that are good, bad and learn to differentiate between them. Keeping
this in view, the pre-primary students were witness to the magical world of
stories through the animal world. As part of the initiative, the school organised
My Animal World Activity on July 18, 2018 for the students of Nursery.
Sitting in the classroom, the children were caught unawares when they saw three
bears and Goldilocks in their classes. The teachers enacted the wonderful story of
“Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears” amid laughter and applause. It was a
special sharing time with the teacher. Their eyes twinkled as they waited for the
story to unfold.
The stories kept the children engaged and let them feel that they were also
participating in the storytelling. They were able to communicate their feelings and
thoughts regarding the stories.

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