Jump into summer (TFA)

“The Sun is shining.
The weather is sweet.

Makes the little children to move their dancing feet.
Makes the little children to relish ice cream.”

As a respite from the summer heat, our little Agnelities decided to have some fun
under the sun. As part of the Think, Feel, Act (TFA) initiative, the Jump into
Summer activity was organised on 11 th May, 2018 for our little pre-primers. All
the children were dressed in bright and colourful summer clothing along with
accessories like caps, hats and goggles.
The activity started with a morning assembly. It was coupled with a discussion on
the summer season and things related to it. The school lawns came alive with
music and happy squeals from the children as they enjoyed themselves with their
friends under the sun. It was difficult to convince them to go back to class as they
enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The smiling faces of the children filled the
atmosphere with energy.
A chance to relish ice cream during summer is something hardly anyone of us
would miss, and so as our Agnelities enjoyed the flavours of ice cream. It came as
a surprise to them. It was fun watching them beat the heat with this summer treat!
They enjoyed the yummy party snacks during their break time. It was really a fun
time for them and a blast to start off their summer vacation. It was an enriching
experience for teachers and immense fun for our little ones.

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