Earth Day – TFA

Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22nd each year, reminds us of the damage inflicted upon the Earth by human race. It inspires us to learn how we can correct and prevent more damage to it. Therefore, a key to teaching Earth Day concepts to young children is to help them realise that even at a young age they can be part of making the Earth a healthier planet.
As part of this initiative, our kindergarteners celebrated Earth Day on 20.4.2018. As a start, kids were made to understand how to respect and care for animal and plant life, natural resources and their habitats. They were also made to understand how they too could make a valuable contribution by participating in practical ways:
• Throwing litter in the dustbin.
• Saving energy by switching off fans, lights, TV when not in the room.
• Turning off the tap while brushing.
• Not using the shower while bathing.
• Using reusable bags when shopping at the grocery store

As part of the activity, children turned a monotonous-looking Earth into a green and blue planet by pasting leaves on it. They were amazed to see how with a little effort they could turn their Planet green and beautiful.
So, why should one single day be Earth Day? Let’s together make everyday “Earth Day” and save it, before it is too late.

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