TFA- Cuddle Buddies

The Nursery wing organised ‘Cuddle Buddies’ on 24.04.2019. The idea behind
this activity was to begin teaching our Nursery students about being kind to
others and how together they can create a beautiful world.
As part of this initiative, the teachers of the Nursery department enacted a
story called ‘Two Friends’. A beautiful scene was created to give children a feel
of being transported to a different world.
The story passed on the message of friendship and how we should help and
care for each other despite our differences.
This was followed by an art activity. Each student was given a petal and he/she
had to colour it. Finally, the teacher created a beautiful garden of flowers out
of them.
The children enjoyed this think, feel and act initiative, as the rooms vibrated
with thrill and excitement.

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