Summer Blast – TFA (Nursery & KG)

As a respite from the summer heat, our little Agnelities decided to have some fun
under the sun. As part of the Think, Feel, Act (TFA) initiative, the Summer Blast
activity was organised simultaneously on 13 th and 14 th May 2019 for our little pre-
primers. All the children were dressed in yellow summer clothing along with
accessories like caps, hats and goggles.
The day started with a discussion on the summer season and things related to it.
The activity came alive with happy squeals as children watched teachers enact the
story of ‘The Sun & the Wind’. The smiling faces of the children filled the
atmosphere with energy.
As a special summer treat, the Nursery & KG teachers prepared ‘fruit salad’ out of
the fruits brought by the children. Each and every child relished it immensely.
They also enjoyed the yummy party snacks. It was really a fun time for them as
they created watermelons and things related to summer through activities such as
thumb printing as well as tearing & pasting. Students were also made to recognise
the Yellow colour through various activities lined up for the day.
It was an enriching experience for teachers and immense fun for our little ones. It
was wonderful to watch them beat the heat!

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