“Splish! Splash!”

There is nothing more welcoming than the rains. For a child, it is a moment of
curiosity, discovery, and joy. As part of the TFA (Think, Feel, Act) activity, the
Nursery and the KG kids enjoyed ‘Splish! Splash! on 11 July 2018.
Such theme days are celebrated to blend the concepts taught in the classrooms
with practical experiences.
As part of the activity, KG students were taken to the playground for a race. The
weather did not dampen the enthusiasm as each child ran to the target set for
them. To add to their excitement, teachers sprinkled water on the children to
give them a real feel of the rains.
As a surprise, the tiny tots were witness to a skit on the rainy season. Enacted by
the Nursery teachers, the children were fascinated to see the ‘Sun & Cloud’
story. The students were also excited to answer questions related to the rainy
They also experienced the wonders of the rainy season through art as well.
Painting with balloons was a great activity for kids to explore creatively and
imaginatively as they created their personal ‘rainbow’ in class. This was
followed by cotton pasting to create clouds. Each child was happy as they
pressed blobs of paint onto the paper. Later, students were asked to colour an
umbrella, make mushrooms, umbrellas and frogs. It was an enriching
experience for our little ones.
The rainy day activity was truly an epitome of what we call experiential

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