Class Summer Time Winter Time
Nursery - KG 8:15 am – 12.15 pm 8:45 am – 12:45 pm
I - IX 7:20 am – 01.30 pm 7:50 am – 02:00 pm

— Security of Your Child: Kindly ensure that your ward has the proper Identity Card on him/her. All details are to be mentioned clearly. Change in address or phone number is to be informed officially at the school office. Any medical problem faced by your ward should be informed to the class teacher in writing at the beginning of the session.
— No child will be allowed to go home with anyone except his/her parents unless the parents send a note duly signed by them.
— Diary: Parents must read the school diary so as to acquaint themselves with the school rules and regulations and confirm their acceptance for the same by signing in the school diary. It is compulsory for every parent to check their ward’s diary everyday so as to follow the time-table of the day or sign any note written by the class teacher. Personal details page of the diary should also be duly filled up. The diary also enlists information regarding the holidays, Parent Teacher Meetings and other activities.
— It is compulsory to attend the Parent Teacher Meetings on the scheduled date. Kindly adhere to the timings.
— Parents are not permitted into the classroom to meet the teachers and their child during the class hours. In special case, you can meet the teachers by prior appointment only.
— School Uniform and Personal Hygiene: Children should be sent to school neatly dressed in clean and proper school uniform. Clean shoes, socks and hair bands are a part of the uniform. Nails should be clipped regularly.
— Assessment System: The school follows a regular progressive assessment system. Oral as well as written work is taken into account. Correction work must be done regularly to ensure good performance.
— Leave Notes: Leave applications should be written on a foolscap white sheet and addressed to the Principal. Three days medical leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate. Long leave is sanctioned by the Principal.
— Books, note books, worksheets, files etc: Need to be covered and maintained neatly. File the worksheets regularly in the given file. Books to be sent to the school according to the time-table.
Special Note:
— Working Saturdays are mentioned in the diary. In case of change the students will be informed about it.
— Encourage your child to speak in English.
— Develop good reading habits.
— Spend quality time with your child.
— Due to the growing child sexual abuse faced in today’s society, please be aware of the company your child keeps in the neighborhood and family.
— Set a good personal example for your child.

Sr. Geeta