Inter-House football match ( Juniors 2018-19)

An inter-house football match was organized for classes 3 – 5 from 11 th December
to 13 th December.

The first two matches for boys were held on 11 th December between ‘Aster and
Buttercup’ and ‘Carnation and Dahlia’. The audience was excited and full of
enthusiasm while cheering their teams. Team Buttercup and Carnation went on to
the final round which was held on 12 th December. Both the teams played with all
their might and Team Buttercup won the Final with 2 goals which were scored by
Namit from class 5 and Manav from class 4.

Girls had their match on 13 th December. Team Buttercup and Carnation went to the
final round after defeating Team Aster and Dahlia. Everyone watched the match
with much enthusiasm. Everyone cheered their teams to boost their energy. Team
Carnation won the final with 1 goal which was scored by Vaishnavi from class 5.

The match was a great success as everyone enjoyed it very much.

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