Inter-House football match ( Seniors 2018-19)

Our school organized the final of the inter-house football match on 19 th December
2018.Winning teams of the first round i.e. Dahlia and Aster were playing for the final. The
two teams lined up on the field to shake hands with the Principal, Sister Geeta There was the
huge crowd of students who had gathered in the playground to cheer their respective teams.
Both teams were evenly matched, and it looked like the match would certainly go into
penalties. In the very first half Avnish scored a goal for Aster house. Soon after that Vedant
of Dahlia equalize it by a brilliant goal. Again, Avnish from the Aster scored second goal.
Both the teams were putting up a good fight to take lead.
In the second spell of the game team Dahlia was on full swing and Shreyan hit a goal. The
excitement of the match was on hike. Crowd was cheering their teams and calling out the
names of their favourite players. Just before the end of the match again Shreyan of Dahlia
scored one more goal. Though Aster house tried their best but couldn’t equalize the goal. The
Dahlia team triumphed with 3 goals over Aster’s 2. The winning team was welcomed with a
huge cheer, Both the teams shook hands and the day ended in a happy note.

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