Exhibition (Class I-V)

Education is a combined process of teaching and learning. Therefore, the education world
including the teachers, are always on their toes, searching the new and productive methods of
teaching and learning process. Presenting ideas focus on the identification, display, and
interpretation of the entire teaching & learning process.
Fr. Agnel School, Vaishali organised dispaly of projects for the primary classes, I-V on
26.07.2019, providing an excellent platform to the students to apply or do the practical aspect
of the things that they learnt from the classroom. Class –I & II brought to life the Jungle
Kingdom, Classes III & IV showcased the diverse culture of our great country through its
various states and Class –V emphasised the importance of the four main subjects namely-
English, Mathematics, Science and Hindi.
The concept was extremely appreciated by the parents who suggested that more such events
should be organised often. Our students were thrilled as it helped them showcase their talent,
gave them the much required exposure, and improved their social skills, critical thinking,
solution developing and application. The teachers were overwhelmed by the recognition and
appreciation they received for their efforts.
The event provided yet another influential platform for the management, teachers, students
and parents to come together and build a long- lasting relationship.

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