Educational Trip to Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Our school had planned an educational trip for the students of class 3 to the Okhla Bird
Sanctuary on the 18 th of January, 2019. This trip was planned so that the students get to see
and learn about different kinds of birds and their habitats in a natural setting. A total of 150
students along with six teachers left for the scheduled trip. The students were excited to see
the birds but were warned of being quite as not to scare the birds away. On reaching the
sanctuary the students along with the teachers explored the place. The first sightings were of
water birds like the egret, tufted duck and moorhen, coots, heron and other birds like the kite,
cormorant etc. The students were able to glimpse some of the birds in flight the others
swimming in the water. There were also display boards in the sanctuary with the name,
description and picture of different birds which were very informative for the students and
helped them identify many of the birds that were there. The students enjoyed identifying and
learning about the different birds they saw in the sanctuary. The trip was quite educational for
the students in making them aware of the many different kinds of birds around us, which they
did not know about before.

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