Christmas Celebrations ( Seniors)

Christmas is a moment where once again we adore the Babe in the stable, who actually is the Word
Incarnate, the word becomes flesh.
God sent us a saviour who showed us how to find our way out from injustice, unhealthy
competition, hatred and violence to the heavenly place that our hearts hope for. He came in the
form of a defenseless child, whose weapons were not the love of power, but the power of love. The
miracle of Christmas is that God is born not only in the Infant Jesus, but in you and in me as well.
‘Word in the world’ the Incarnate Jesus becomes our guide, our companion, our leader, our
comforter, our model and example. He is love alone that binds us together. Let this Incarnate love
be born in us, since he counts on us.
Fr. Agnel School,Vaishali celebrated Christmas on 21 st December 2018 on this theme through a
musical drama. Melodious carols and lively footwork added charm to the performance. The
occasion was graced by the presence of Revd. Fr. Jose, Director Niscort Media College, Respected Sr.
Geeta and staff members.
The students successfully brought out the true spirit of Christmas and conveyed the message of
Love, Peace and Joy in a jovial manner. Human beings should turn away from hatred, competition,
harm, wars from the path of evil rather choose the path of life. Be gentle and serene. Promote
life through their knowledge, developments and experiments. Work for the benefit of people.
Make the earth filled with trees, animals and birds. Live in harmony with all. Jesus is present in
us all.
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