CBSE Activity – EXPRESSIONS – (Water Conservation)

In an effort to spread awareness about conserving water an elixir of life, CBSE conducted its expression activity “Water Conservation”. With the awareness programmes, CBSE aims to make people aware of the depleting groundwater and avoid wastage of water which could lead crisis in the coming years.
The students of class 5 artistically created posters on the topic ‘I am a Water Saviour’ whereas the students of class 4 wrote a thoughtful paragraph on the topic ‘Be Water Wise’.The participants were in great spirit. The children had let their imagination run wild and created absolute magic. The main motive was to inculcate a habit of conserving our natural resource Through this activity, students also learnt to reach the public on a global issue. t was indeed a very successful event and a memorable one too as all our children proudly displayed their works and posed happily .It is an exceptional initiative by CBSE to bring about consciousness.

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