Camp Tikkling ( VI- X )

Dated:14 December2018.
Fun, frolic, camaraderie and team building was conspicuous throughout the journey to the
picnic site and during the six hours that were spent in the bountiful CAMP TIKKLING.
As part of learning beyond class room, the school management organised an adventure camp
on 14 December 2018, wherein students from classes 6-10 were taken to CAMP TIKKLING
in Gurugram. With overflowing enthusiasm of the students, the buses left for the camp site at
7.15am. The entire 120 minutes journey was a breeze, with the students singing and dancing
in the bus, of course under the supervision of the accompanying teachers.
With all that singing and dancing, the empty tummies were treated to a sumptuous breakfast
immediately on reaching the site. The aim of the picnic was to make the kids take their minds
off from their daily schedule and experience being a camper and to have a better
understanding of the environment by exploring the wilderness and learning skills necessary to
safely enjoy what nature has to offer us. They were completely free to do what they wished
and enjoyed the beauty of nature and adventure of rock sports.
The students were divided into groups and each group was assigned an instructor. The groups
were tasked with activities like net-zorbing, commando crawl, tyre maze, wall climbing,
trekking, zipping, tug of war etc. All the students took part with great passion and sense of
competitiveness as well
The meal breaks were quick as the students did not want to miss out on anything. They did
not need any encouragement to explore and appreciate the nature around, especially during
the trek in the Aravalli hills. And of course the DJ and the dancing that followed was the
icing on the cake. When the buses left for return journey, to reach back at the school at 7pm,
there was a great sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.
The students, as well as their parents were thankful for the school management for organising
this picnic which they will long cherish.
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