The Imagination Tree – TFA

“Imagination will often take us to worlds that never were. But without it go nowhere.”

Children have always learned and created places for themselves through play. This was strongly reiterated through the Imagination Tree activity conducted for the Kindergarten students on 26.4.2018. ‘Shapes’ was the theme of the activity. And the school provided a platform to play, discover and imagine.

As a start, children were asked to create any object that they could by using the shapes – circle, square, rectangle, cone, semi-circle, oval and triangle. And the possibilities were endless.

The classrooms were throbbing with energy and excitement as children worked their minds to build their imagination. They came up with awesome creations, turning the world of shapes into a rocket, a butterfly, a clown, a robot, a hut, and a fish among the many ideas.
The activity was successful in sowing the seeds of creativity to nurture the tree of imagination. The children enjoyed it till the final touch.

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